Haiku Deck: Powerful Presentations with the iPad

A well-designed presentation can make all the difference in the effectiveness of a message. Too much text and a lack of high quality images in a presentation may cause the audience to wander and inhibit the presenter from conveying the full effect of the message. The problem is that putting together a well-designed presentation can be very time-consuming, and what if you just don’t have an eye for design? In the past, these factors might have constrained us—but not anymore, thanks to Haiku Deck!

What is Haiku Deck? Click through this short presentation (made in Haiku Deck) to find out:

Haiku Deck, a free iPad presentation app, allows iPad users to create stunning presentations like the one above in a fast, easy-to-use interface. Users enter the text for their presentation and Haiku Deck will search a database of high quality, free use images based on the words entered into the presentation. Or, users can search the Haiku Deck image database based on different words, take a picture with the iPad camera to insert, or pull images directly from their iPad, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, or Picasa. Users may choose from a variety of pre-made layouts, themes, and fonts which make sophisticated design easy and fast for anyone. Once your presentation is created, you can easily share it by connecting your iPad to a projector, email, Facebook, Twitter, or by exporting it for use in other presentation software such as PowerPoint.

Haiku Deck is available for free in the App Store. Download it to create your own elegant presentation on your iPad in minutes.

To view more presentations created in Haiku Deck, visit the Haiku Deck Gallery.