Gardner Campbell on “Digital Culture”


I hope you are enjoying your summer!  We had a special event for the W&M eLearning Community.  Gardner Campbell, Director of Professional Development and Innovative Initiatives at Virginia Tech, was our guest speaker in an online session on Wednesday, June 19th.  Gardner was recognized by the Center for Digital Education as being one of the “Top 50 Innovators in Education in 2012,”  and we were privileged to have him connect with our community.  It was a great opportunity to join the discussion with Gardner on the topic of “Digital Culture.”  If you missed the session click here to view the recording.

Gardner’s Recommended Readings

If you are interested in learning more about digital culture, Gardner recommends the following resources:

Our Students Are Awesome! W&M eLearning Community Meeting – April 2012

Students SpeakThe last session in the blended learning series for the spring 2012 semester offered examples of blended learner-centered collaboration. Students and faculty described their projects, shared their experiences and answered questions about how eLearning was used in their collaborative, learner-centered work.

In Dr. Sharon Zuber’s LCST 201:  Introduction to Literary and Cultural Studies, students collaborated to build a Wiki and then an exhibit in Swem Library to showcase their original research about campus publications.  Dr. Zuber talked about the challenges of structuring a learner-centered collaborative assignment that incorporated Google docs, a Wiki, and PowerPoint.  The students talked about what worked and what made this a valuable learning experience for them.

The Global Issues Juntos provides 1st year MBA students with the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions on important current topics with a small group of classmates.  Dr. Carlane Pittman presented on the process of creating this learner-centered approach.  The student panel focused on the unique approaches to their Junto topics and how they used blogs and other resources to communicate what they learned.

This session completed the Blended Learning Series for this semester.  If you missed the meeting, you may view the recording by logging into our W&M eLearning Community Blackboard course and clicking on “Tegrity Classes.”

The eLearning Community meetings will resume in the fall.  Check our Events page for upcoming dates and times.  Have a great summer!